I took my secondary education in 1982 at the French lycée Charles de Gaulle in London, and graduated in Art History studies at the University of Nanterre, Paris. Meanwhile, I started learning the paintings restoration in a private studio. Then I worked in restoration workshops in Paris such as the Studio Genovesio.
In 2003, I decided to open my own restoration studio in Annecy. In my work, I use old and moderns techniques. Since then, I have been working on many pieces of art from the XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX century, from private and public customers. The paintings are made on various supports such as liner, wood, copper, ivory, stone….
Each piece of art is unique in its requirement. It has to be thoroughly examined to evaluate the extent of the damage, and the action needed to restore it. Fine and careful, all my work is respectfully realized under the conventions of the Restoration Code for (reversibility) and (stability). The constitution of a technical and photographic file can be done on request.
Among some of my work:
The stations of the Cross from the church of Clermont en Genevois (14 stations)
The portrait of Saint Maurice (church of Ecole en Bauge)
The sky painting of the Beau Rivage hotel in Geneva (collaboration with Catherine Bourlet, Laurent Jornod and Jean François Cuche)
Works from Peter Neeffs (Hollande XVIIème), Ch. Antoine Coypel (1694-1752), Pierre-Paul Prudhon (1758-1823), Claude Hugard de la Tour (1818-1886), Edgard Bouillette (1872-1960), Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec (1864-1901), Gabriel Loppé (1825-1913), Théodore-Earl Butler (1876-1937), François Lafond (1815-1901), I. Mane Katz (1894-1962), Alphonse Birck (1859-1942), Jacques Germain(1915-2001) …
A free quote may be established in the workshop. I also can visit you at your place on request.
I’ll be happy to welcome you at my workshop, and answer your questions.